Rear loaders

Chagnon rear loaders

Chagnon rear loaders help you get the best cost per compacted cubic yard. With over 50 years of expertise, the Chagnon advantage is clear: power • peace of mind • fluidity of operations • higher compaction ratio • exceptional durability

Types of rear loaders :

Sprinter Rear Loader

An outstanding packer, robust and reliable, well known for its unequaled weight transfer.

Hiker rear loader

The best of both worlds: good loading capacity at a reasonable cost.

Tracker Rear Loader

Compact, fast and robust rear loader, designed for tight spaces.

Sprinter rear and crane loader

Ideal unit for the combination of rear loading and crane loading of semi-inground containers

Sprinter rear loader trailer

Maximize the use of your equipment. Ideal for less frequent use.

Sprinter rear loader «SPLIT» dual stream

«Split» rear loader

Allows for the collection of multiple residential waste streams or recyclables. Does the work of two trucks while reducing collection time and fuel costs.

Eco-Splitter rear loader

Ideal rear loader for superior productivity in operations requiring material sorting. Based on the Sprinter.