Extraordinary Containers With Exclusive Urban Look !

•••• Published on 28-05-2019

In addition to manufacturing a new type of crane truck for the collection of buried and semi-buried containers, DURABAC is also the only North American supplier for compact underground bins with 5000L capacity, combining convenience and aesthetics on the surface with a robust concrete underground structure.

  • Several formats and customization available,
  • Possibility to limit access electronically,
  • Occupies the same surface space as a simple garbage bin
  • Increased storage capacity (6.5 cubic yards),
  • The depth of the container causes natural compaction,
  • Lower temperature, under the ground, reducing odors and insects,
  • Decrease in the number and frequency of collections,
  • Reduced impact on the environment,
  • Economy for the municipality,
  • Pre-assembled at the factory for quick installation.

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