PVB-600-RFL - Vertical baler · rear-load - pre-compression (denser 350 kg. bales)


Fed by a chute, the rear loading baler PVB-600-RFL producers denser bales than our regular balers, thanks to a pre-compaction chamber located at the rear of the unit.


Tech Sheet *

Baler charge box opening 20'' x 47''
Charge box capacity 0.3 cubic yards
Overall depth 67 1/2''
Overall length 87 3/4''
Maximum height for transport 90''
Maximum height 129''
Precompaction feed hopper steel plate 3/16''
Opening 31 1/2'' x 55''
Precompaction feed hopper.
Rear access to powered conveyor
Electrical control panel
Electricity 600v-3hp-60cy (12a)
System Semi-automatic and manual system
Motor 10hp (600 volts three-phase 60hz 1740 rpm)
Hydraulic unit
Pump 9.5 gpm at 1740 rpm
Maximum pressure 1500psi
Nominal force 42500 lb
Cylinder 6'' diameter
Charge box precompaction push ram 4'' diameter
Immersed return filter type tank 24gpm 10 microns
Oil level indicator  
Suction filter
End cover 12''
Bale 50'' x 30'' x 40'' (600 to 800lb) metal 12ga 18' bale tie wire recommended.
Machinery security standards, system meet or exceed all published health, safety and ansi standards. Includes dry contact output, conveyor stop.


* Sizes and specifications are provided as indications. Actual specifications may vary.



PVB-600-RFL rear load vertical cardboard baler

PVB-600-RFL rear load vertical baler


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