Manufactured from a low, medium, high, carbon wire rod and fully annealed.  The wire surface is galvanized.  Sold in individual bundles of 125 or 250 pieces OR sold in 40 or 50 bundles in a Gaylord boxe shipped on a pallet.

How to Order Baling Wire

1.    Determine Wire Length

       2 x height
       + depth
       + 6 to 8 inches
       = (          ) round to next ft. size Wire Length

2.    Determine Wire Gauge Size
      (Consult your sales representative)

       Corrugated - 13-14 gauge
       Newsprint - 13-14 gauge
       Aluminum cans - 13 gauge
       PET and HDPE (plastic) - 12 gauge

Our bale tie wire is designed to work with a variety of recyclable materials including corrugated paper, plastic and aluminum. Our baling wire comes in a variety of lengths and gauges. Our standard baling wire is always in stock and ready for shipment.


Bale wire

Bale wire