Why choose an Urbin undergruond container?

Unique concrete bases

Prefabricated with reinforced 40MPa concrete, Urbin's leakproof bases allow for quick "drop-in" installations on site, without the need for pouring.

Superior construction

Urbin's double layered container walls have a stronger resistance to impacts, leaks and ground pressures than competitor's single layered walls.

Fast installation

Prefabricated containers, sleeves and bases make installation a snap. Just drop them in an fill up the hole. A few hours is all that is needed. 

A custom look

Have your Urbin container fit your location's look by choosing your slat color or opting for an optional 360º custom printed wrapping.

Reduces odors

Because waste is collected below the ground's surface, where temperatures are lower, bacterial proliferation is greatly slowed. Simply put: less bacteria = less odors.

Contains more

Urbin deep collection containers can collect 2 to 3 times more waste than regular surface containers occupying the same area. They're also a lot quieter!

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