The URBIN CSEG-3000: a sustainable and aesthetic choice, ideal for commercial and industrial applications, government buildings, parks and public spaces, residential complexes and much more.

Total capacity of 3000 liters (4 cubic yards).

Other features:

  • 30 MPa concrete support slab
  • High resistance to soil displacement caused by the freezing and thawing
  • High weather and impact resistance
  • Double layered wall resistance to soil pressure up to 135 kpa.
  • Will never rust
  • Quieter than a steel container
  • Easy to handle heavy-duty bag
  • Ergenomic cover tested for 150 kg. loads
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Urban’s design compliments all architectural and landscaping styles

The Urbin inground container...

BLENDS WITH EVERY SCENERY: A wide range of colors or custom coatings will suit all architectural styles.

MAXIMIZES SPACE: More than twice the capacity of regular (above ground) containers taking up the same surface area. The container’s depth also encourages natural compaction through gravity.

CONTROLS ODORS: Collected matter is maintained at a cooler temperature, reducing the growth of bacteria and therefore, unpleasant odors.

IS BUILT ON REINFORCED CONCRETE BASE, poured in and around the container’s base, over steel rebar, offers better stability, durability and leak protection.

INCLUDES A UNIQUE DOUBLE LAYERED TANK, smooth on the inside and ribbed on the outside, offers the industry’s best resistance against lateral soil pressure during compaction or movement caused by the freezing and thawing of the ground.

Tech Sheet *


3000 liters – 4 cubic yards


Crane (articulated arm)


High density extruded polyehtylene – double layered


solid and durable plastic slats (simulated wood finish)


Blue grey, cedar red, light grey, mouse grey or charcoal

BASE (4)

Reinforced concrete support slab -40 MPa

HEIGHT – above ground (c)


WIDTH – above ground (e)



Yes – Excavation angle depends on soil type and condition (5)


Footing (12" MG-20b)


Class A - crushed stone, gravel or sand depending on availability - compacted in 12" layers


* Sizes and specifications are provided as indications. Actual specifications may vary.



4 cubic yard plastic inground container

3000 liter capacity (4 cubic yard)


  • Craine loading container collection
  • Craine loading container collection

Drawings *

Urbin underground container
Urbin underground container
  a b c d e f
CSE-5000 169 126½" 42" 75" 59½" 84"
CSE-3000 149" 106½" 42" 75" 42" 64"
CSE-1300 137" 94½" 42" 75" 30" 52"
CSE-800 130" 87" 42" 75" 24" 44"


* Sizes and specifications are provided as indications. Actual specifications may vary.