5000 L underground container (CCE-5000)


The URBIN CCE-5000: quality, strength and low maintenance, for a sustainable and aesthetic choice, ideal for commercial and industrial applications, government buildings, parks and public spaces, residential complexes and much more.

Total capacity of 5000 liters (6.5 cubic yards).

Other features:

  • Several formats and customization available,
  • Possibility to limit access electronically,
  • Occupies the same surface space as a simple garbage bin
  • Increased storage capacity (6.5 cubic yards),
  • The depth of the container causes natural compaction,
  • Lower temperature, under the ground, reducing odors and insects,
  • Decrease in the number and frequency of collections,
  • Reduced impact on the environment,
  • Economy for the municipality,
  • Pre-assembled at the factory for quick installation.

The Urbin underground container...

AN ARCHITECTURAL CHOICE : the URBIN completely buried container meets modern architectural requirements and a growing concern for the responsible management of the environment and space.

OPTIMIZED SPACE: combining the practical and aesthetic on the surface with a robust concrete underground structure, the 5000 liter capacity container has a small size terminal, reducing its footprint and leaving more space for public services and landscaping. The depth of the buried container makes a natural compaction of the materials.

AESTHETIC AND HYGIENIC: since the waste is hermetically kept at a lower average temperature, the URBIN completely buried container reduces the proliferation of bacteria and, consequently, unpleasant odors, which improves hygiene in the surrounding area.

SUPERIOR QUALITY: robust and highly reliable, the URBIN completely buried container helps to reduce the costs of use, maintenance and replacement, thanks to the decrease in the number of collections and a lifetime of more than 25 years.

CUSTOMIZABLE: several models and colors of terminals are available, depending on the needs and types of collections. It is also possible to customize the outside part with a particular logo, design or message.