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About Durabac – Leader in collection equipment

For over 25 years, DURABAC has stood out not only for the quality of its products, but especially for its originality and its constant desire to innovate. These qualities have made it a leader today in the field of manufacturing equipment for waste management.

We specialize in the design, manufacture, and assembly of a wide range of products, including steel or polyethylene containers, roll-off and hooklift lifting systems, trailers, collection bins, presses and compactors, and much more.


6 Divisions


Our vision is to continue our expansion across Canada, increase our market share in the United States, promote a network of quality collaborators to offer local service to our customers, and establish a positive and dynamic work environment focused on teamwork and company appreciation. Our goal is to become a North American model and a renowned equipment manufacturer.


As a company committed to the environment, our aim is to design and offer highly eco-friendly products whose performance goes beyond mere economic and financial results. DURABAC rigorously engages in social responsibility, environmental commitment, and ethics.

We strive to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees, encouraging creativity and active participation through positive and concrete exchanges.


DURABAC is committed to producing superior quality products, selecting materials and suppliers that exceed industry standards. Our equipment is designed to be safe, efficient, and to provide profitable performance for our clients.

We aspire for our business relationships to be recognized for their positivity and cordiality. We commit to providing quick, fair, and transparent responses, always attentive to our clients’ needs and contributing to their success. We aim for nothing less than their complete satisfaction.

All our staff, whether in sales, development, manufacturing, finishing, installation, or delivery, is determined to perform their tasks with this mission in mind, as the only method of operation.

DURABAC values and encourages effective communication with its clients and employees. We are always open to receiving ideas, comments, and suggestions to improve our services, our products, and above all, to ensure the total satisfaction of our partners, employees, suppliers, and customers.

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