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Parts & Service Center – Assistance & Mobile Repair

Welcome to the Durabac Service Center, your go-to resource for parts and services for dump trucks and roll-off and hook-lift systems.

Located at 22 Chem. Milton in Granby, we offer a diverse Parts Counter, catering to both individuals and businesses. For those requiring technical expertise, our certified technicians are on hand to ensure the repair and smooth operation of your cable lifting systems.

Parts Counter
A wide selection of quality parts, available directly at the counter.
Certified Technicians
Our team of specialists is ready to assist with all your repair service requests.
Roll-off Parts Catalogs
Explore our full range by downloading the catalog dedicated to cable lifting systems.

Mobile Repair Service


Exclusively for our clients!

We understand that downtime of your equipment can be costly. That’s why Durabac is committed to always providing high-quality Mobile Repair Service.



Our repair services cover:

✔ Dumpsters (garbage truck)
✔ Lifting Systems
✔ Balers and Compactors
✔ Roll-off Systems and Trailers
✔ And more!


Services Offered to Our Clients:

✔ Diagnostics
✔ Maintenance
✔ Repair
✔ Modifications of Existing Equipment
✔ And more!

Targeted Clientele:

Our services are designed to meet the needs of those requiring repairs without disrupting their daily operations. They are intended for:

  • Owners
  • Business Managers
  • Project Managers

Contact us now to learn more → [email protected]

Quality Assured by Our Expert Technicians

Ready to respond, our technicians have a fleet of three mobile repair trucks, all fully equipped. Our units can go anywhere, whether it’s on-site, on the road, or in your yard.

Need a Repair Service?

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