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Standards in force for the installation of industrial compactors


The installation and use of industrial compactors in Canada, particularly in Quebec, are governed by stringent standards. These standards ensure safety, efficiency, and durability of equipment. Durabac provides an overview of the main regulations in force.

Key Standards:

  • ANSI Z245.2-2004 Standard: This internationally recognized standard sets rigorous criteria for industrial compactors. It provides not just basic guidelines but delves into areas such as ingenious design, quality manufacturing, secure installation, and optimal use. The focus on safety, performance, and ergonomics makes it an essential reference for all industry professionals.
  • CSA Z432-04 Standard: Going beyond mere recommendations, this Canadian standard aims to protect people from potential machine hazards. It covers not only the initial design and construction but also extends to the daily use of machines, ensuring every stage of a machine’s life is safe for the user. This standard reflects Canada’s commitment to industrial safety and accident prevention.

Implications of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) – Section XXI:

  • Operator Safety: Compactors must be equipped with locking systems, emergency stop devices, and protection against moving parts.
  • Mandatory Training: Adequate training is required for all personnel operating or maintaining the equipment.
  • Signage: Clear and visible signage must be placed around operation areas to warn of potential hazards.

Conclusion: In Quebec and Canada, safety is a paramount concern when it comes to industrial equipment. By choosing Durabac, you benefit from expertise that conforms to the strictest standards, ensuring a safe and efficient operation of your compactors

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