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Finding your way among the many options available when buying a waste container



Faced with a multitude of choices when purchasing a waste container, it can be challenging to make the right decision. Durabac guides you through this maze by highlighting the unique features of its DURAPLAST polyethylene containers.

Material Excellence: Our DURAPLAST containers are made from 100% virgin high-quality polyethylene. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures down to -40°C, they offer exceptional resistance to chemicals, liquids, and oils. The “UV” stabilizer ensures lasting pigmentation, thus prolonging the container’s life.

Robust Design: With a thickness that surpasses the competition, bolted metal hinges, and sturdy lids that meet industry standards, Durabac emphasizes durability.

A la Carte Options:

  • 10g steel front belt for increased strength.
  • Inverted lid for easy handling with pallet trucks.
  • Enhanced security with lock options and manual or automatic bars.
  • Maximum visibility through custom logos and vinyl stickers.
  • Additional accessories like wear pad lifters, tow bars, and more.

Conclusion: Durabac offers you much more than just a waste container. With a range of options designed for your specific needs, we guarantee a tailor-made, durable, and efficient solution. Trust Durabac for flawless waste management.

Durabac, serving a cleaner future.

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