Single-cylinder integrated compactor

Model: CPM-1C

Single-cylinder integrated compactor

Fully mobile single-cylinder integrated compactor, designed to compact wet and humid waste, offering optimal compaction with its sealed and rounded door. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers, it provides rapid and clean compaction.

Model: CPM-1C
Technical data

Explore our fully mobile single-cylinder integrated compactor, designed for compacting wet and humid waste. Our self-contained compactors are equipped with a water-tight, rounded door for maximum compaction without spillage, ensuring optimal and fast compaction. The compaction box and unit are welded together, providing complete mobility during emptying. Ideal for restaurants, fast food chains, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, malls, or any other setting where clean, fast, and trouble-free compaction of wet and humid materials is required. The rugged and ingenious construction of this model features industry-proven electric and hydraulic components, assuring longer wear life.

Its numerous benefits include:

  • A sealed, curved door, allowing for better distribution of compacted material.
  • An elevated compaction floor for smooth ram movement.
  • An easily accessible cleaning panel located behind the ram.
  • Quick-access hydraulic couplings, accessible from both sides of the compactor.
Technical data

Model CPM-3620-1C CPM-3630-1C CPM-4232-1C
Compaction chamber capacity (yd3) 1.50 yd3 1.50 yd3 1.74 yd3
Container capacity (yd3) 20 yd3 30 yd3 32 yd3
Loading opening (A) 36″ 36″ 42″
Overall length (B) 18’ 10″ 23’ 10″ 25’ 10 1/2″
Overall width (C) 102″ 102″ 102″
Total height (D) 104″ 104″ 104″
Height on compactor side (E) 49″ 49″ 49″
Length on compactor side (F) 95’’ 95’’ 108’’
Approximate weight
in pounds
9715 10 820 11 227
Motor electricity 230/460/600 volts – 3 pH – 60 Hz 230/460/600 volts – 3 pH – 60 Hz 230/460/600 volts – 3 pH – 60 Hz

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.



  • Compactor Floor (Steel): 3/8″
  • Compactor Wall (Steel): 1/4″
  • Ram Face (Steel): 1/2″
  • Ram Side (Steel): 1/4″
  • Top and Bottom of Ram (Steel): 1/2″
  • Angle Iron Pallet Breaker: 6″ x 1″
  • Pivoting Cleaning Blade: 6″x 1/2″
  • Container Floor (Steel): 3/16″
  • Container Walls (Steel): 10 GA


  • Motor: 10 HP High Efficiency
  • Pump: 9 GPM with Counterbalance Valve
  • Tank: 30 US GALLONS
  • Operating Pressure: 1850 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 2150 PSI
  • Rated Force: 52,000 lbs
  • Maximum Force: 68,000 lbs
  • Ram Penetration: 6″
  • Oil Level and Temperature Indicator
  • Cleaning Plate
  • Submerged 15 Micron Filter
  • Aluminum Distributor Block
  • Cylinder: 4 1/2″ Diameter – 2 1/2″ Rod


  • NEMA 12 Enclosure with CSA Components and Assembly
  • Fully Automated ‘DURATECH’ Functions
  • Start Button: Light Indicator Cycle (Multifunction Indicator)
  • Reset Button
  • Operations Description Sheet


Durapac guarantees its CPM series compactors against all manufacturing defects, assembly, and parts for a period of 2 years, and 1 year on labor from the delivery date for normal use.


Many hydraulic and electric options are available and adaptable onto our systems to meet your personal needs. Your authorized representative will be pleased to advise and assist you upon request.

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