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New! Discover the semi-underground dumpster of the future!


Discover the CSEF-8000-2C, the most efficient dual-purpose polyethylene semi-underground container on the market!

The CSEF-8000-2C makes waste management more economical thanks to its two separate compartments: one for waste, the other for recovery. Collection is efficiently carried out using a sturdy latch mechanism that isolates each compartment during emptying.

Enjoy a unique, elegant container suitable for all your projects!

✔ Remains odorless.

✔ Easy to use for sorting and recycling.

✔ Refined aesthetics that blend with all landscapes. Contact us today to find out more.

MAXIMIZE space minimize odors

The depth of the semi-buried container promotes natural compaction of materials and reduces unpleasant odors thanks to a lower average temperature. The ideal container for confined spaces, such as multi-dwelling residences, industries, businesses, etc. The ideal container for small spaces, such as multi-unit residences, industries, shops, etc.

An elegant design that adapts to all decors

With a choice of finishes including wood-look plastic slats and a wide range of colors or custom coverings, the new URBIN CSEF-8000-2C seamlessly integrates with all architectural styles.

Durabac, serving a cleaner future.

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