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Durabac roll-off containers: robustness and longevity at the service of your needs


When it comes to roll-off containers, quality, durability, and versatility are crucial. At Durabac, we understand this well.

Superior design: Our trans-roller containers are designed for “roll-off” type lifting equipment, offering robust construction suitable for various applications, whether for collection, recovery, sorting, or specialized uses.

For the most demanding tasks: Our extra-robust roll-off container is the ideal tool for transporting heavy and abrasive materials such as steel. With closely spaced vertical reinforcements, a thick 1/4″ floor, reinforced top frame, and wear strips, this container is built for the toughest challenges.

Fully customizable: Each project is unique. That’s why our containers are available with a multitude of options, ranging from a capacity of 20 to 91 cubic yards, ensuring you find the container perfectly suited to your needs.

Compliance and quality assurance: All our containers are built according to the ANSI Z-245,2008 standard, demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety.

In conclusion, for a safe, durable, and tailored investment, choose Durabac roll-off containers. Because with Durabac, you opt for excellence.

Durabac, serving a cleaner future.

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