Hiker - 10 to 28 Cubic Yards

Model: HIK

Hiker - 10 to 28 Cubic Yards

The Hiker rear loader offers the best of both worlds: high load capacity at a very reasonable price. It is specially designed for medium-sized collection trucks. Ideal for dense urban areas, residential neighborhoods, and industrial sites. Available capacities: 10 to 28 cubic yards.

Model: HIK
Technical data

The Chagnon Hiker has everything you need : cutting-edge design, mechanics, and materials, along with exceptional weight transfer to the front axle. It also features an improved hydraulic system, complete with an automatic tailgate latching. Perfectly suited for residential, commercial, and construction operations, this rear loader offers unmatched flexibility. Designed for collection trucks, the Hiker offers a bin available in various capacities, ranging from 10 to 28 cubic yards, accompanied by a wide range of options. It is the preferred choice for those seeking a reliable, durable, and low-maintenance rear loader. 

Discover the various capacities of the Hiker and explore its many options to find the configuration that best meets your waste management needs. Contact us for more information and to discover how our bin can enhance your efficiency in waste management.

Technical data

Capacity (yd³) 16 yd³ 20 yd³ 25 yd³
Unit weight 6394 lb 7300 lb 8419 lb
Body length (A) 205” 227 7/8” 259 1/8”
Recommended CA (B) 115” (128” air) 123” 154”
Body height (C) 88”
Overall height (D) 169 7/8”
Overall width (E) 96 7/8”
Hopper width (inside) (F) 74 7/8”
Hopper opening height (G)  44 1/8”

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.



  • Support for shovels and/or brooms
  • Broom and shovel configurations
  • 12,000 lb winch / large motor – 16’ cable extension
  • 14 000 lb hydaulic. Reeving cylinder for commercial containers
  • Handle extension
  • Kick-bar for 1 to 3 y3 containers (capacity 1500 lb)
  • (2) flashing lights located on top of the tailgate / separated switch
  • (1 or 2) strobe light with cage located on the tailgate, street side (and/or sidewalk)
  • One work light on each side of the body (central position). D.E.L. 1000 lumens
  • Side direction lights on each side at mid-body
  • Warning light and sound alarm in the cab when the tailgate is raised
  • Pump installation directly on transmission PTO, FEPTO or REPTO
  • Additional lever on street side
  • Hopper floor liners (3) interchangeable plates of QT-400 in 3/16’’
  • Multiple available camera systems
  • Spill kit and holder
  • Fire extinguisher kit (10 or 20lbs), canvas and support
  • Aluminium side guards
  • Pinch point screen mesh protection located on tailgate beside the handle (MOL Ontario)
  • Safety switch (palm switch)
  • Central lubrication block for easy daily maintenance
  • Aluminum or steel toolbox
  • Splash plate in front of the body
  • Extended warranty