B-train Slider Roll-off Trailer

Model: CTBL-3AT

B-train Slider Roll-off Trailer

Maximize transport capacity with the "B-Train" Roll-Off Trailer. Featuring three mechanized configurations, a legal load capacity of 50,000 lb, and safety and ease-of-use features, this trailer is a reliable and versatile choice. The wide spacing between lifting cylinders ensures unparalleled stability. Easily and safely double your legal capacity!

Model: CTBL-3AT
Technical data

Maximize your transport capabilities with Chagnon’s B-Train Roll-Off Trailer. With a legal carrying capacity of 50,000 lb, it safely doubles your load. The standard configuration includes a primary 3-axle trailer equipped with a 60,000 lb roll-off system and a secondary 2-axle trailer (legal carrying capacity of 25,000 lb).

3 possible configurations:

  • Live lead trailer, Dead rear trailer
  • Dead lead trailer, Live rear trailer
  • Live lead trailer, Live rear trailer

The Chagnon B-train is designed for safe, easy and reliable operation:

  • Detachable axles
  • Load containers on pup from the front or rear.
  • Crochet d’arrimage conforme à la norme 10-CCS avec treuil.
  • Greater spacing between lift cylinder at the base increases system rigidity and stability.
  • Prop for easy and safe mainteance.
  • External valves and controls.
  • 4 configurations possible.
Technical data

FRAME Lead trailer Pup trailer
Frame 100,000 lbs. steel construction
Length 36’ – 6’’ 27′-6″
Width 102’’
Coupling pin setting 24’’ from the front  16″ from the front
Axles 77’’ track
Axles 3X (25,000 lb. each)  2x (25 000 lb, each) 
Wheels & drums 20’’ unimount disk wheels (10 holes, hub piloted)
Brakes 16 1/2’’ x 7’’ x 3/4’’ ABS with automatic slack adjuster
Rims 8,25 x 22,5 white steel
Tires 11R22,5 (manufacturer’s choice)
ABS On all axles
Chambers Tse 30 x 30
Valve Suspension lowering
Suspension 25,000 lb. air ride
Spool valve Wiret
Piping 80% pre-formed steel tubing for minimum hose maintenance
Coupler Front of trailer in/out 1’’
Hoist rail  At  34 1/4” wide tube
Stinger tail 40”
Side rollers 4” diameter, lubricated
Flat bar Between rear rollers
Reeving cylinders 60,000 lb. capacity (heavy-duty North-American construction)
Cable 1” diameter (capacity: 106,000 lb.)
Hook D ring (Crosby, or other)
Sheaves 1 x 8” , 1 x 10” & 1 x 12” diameter (self-lubricating bushings)
Sliding carriage Nylatron wear pads
Hoist tilt cylinder 60,000 lb. capacity (heavy-duty North-American construction)
Fixed container stopper 2 stoppers at front end of trailer
Movable container stopper 2 movable stoppers (24” between pockets)
Fenders Last axles of each trailer
Front Skid steel
Rear Galvanized steel
Mud flaps Last axle
Fully sealed light harness with plug-in light (D.O.T. approved)
LED lights type
Colour Sandblasted and epoxy primed with 2 coats of urethane paint. (black).

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.


The system must be compliant with the AINSI Z-245.60 2008 safety standard, all safety labels must be in the working language, and the system must be compatible with U-type cable containers. It shall be manufactured with the highest quality standards, construction plans must be approved by an engineer member of an accredited board.

Lifting system trailer:

  • 60,000 lbs lifting capacity
  • Frame length, lead trailer 32 ‘, pup trailer 27’ or custom
  • Frame lifting stingers: 4″ x 12″ x 3/8″ tubing  (no subframe required)
  • Mobile carrier is robust and bolted for easy maintenance, and the carrier includes Nylatron wear skids: 5/8 ” x 2 1/4″ x 15″
  • 1″ (25.4 mm) hoist cable 6 x 26 of 106,000 lbs capacity with a “D-loop” bushing for increased flexibility and strength
  • Winch sheaves:
    • 12″ Sheave with 2″ shaft
    • 8″ Sheave with 2″ shaft
    • 10″ Sheave with 2″ shaft
  • Side rollers with 4’’ mechanical tubing, 2 1/2″ shaft, aluminum bronze bushing with lubrication point and welded supports (at least 4 on each side), addition of  5/16 ” x 4″ flat bars between rollers to secure container movement
  • Welded wear plates on rear part of stingers: 5/16″ x 3″ x 8′
  • Ground roller between stingers: 6″ x 20″ HD. Bolted for easy maintenance
  • Fixed front stopper (1 1/2″) approved by an engineer and welded in compliance with the CBW requirements
  • Lightweight and safely removable stopper inserted into stingers for 20’or 22′ containers. Inserts must be seal welded in order to avoid water infiltration in the stingers’ core centre.
  • 2″ hinge shaft with 6″ mechanical tubing hinges
  • Galvanized corrugated steel fenders for tandem rear axles
  • Steel safety tips that supports the frame during maintenance on the driver’s side

Hydraulic System:

  • 55 gal. tank (150 lbs.)
  • 10 micron filter installed in the tank with oil level and temperature indicator.
  • Distribution by double-action VD12 hydraulic valve
  • Lifting Cylinder (Side) 5″ (for 22′) and 6 1/2″ (for 24′ and 26′)
  • Winch Cylinder: 7 1/2 “
  • Control box inside the cab provides an ergonomic location and pneumatic controls on the hydraulic system
  • External manual hydraulic controls with a 36 GPM valve

Electrical System:

  • Electrical system approved by FMWSS / CMVSS L.E.D.
  • All wiring is 100% waterproof
  • Lighting arrangement on the bumper:
    • 2 reversing lights activated during reverse
    • 4 stop lights
    • 1 plate light
    • 3 stinger lights with MTC compliant side lights
    • 1 tailgate rear light


  • All lights are LED
  • Robust safety holders
  • Fastener belt included in each container


  • Based on the selected options


  • Structural manufacturing defect: 3 years
  • Pumps, cylinders, or other hydraulic and electrical components: 2 years
  • Rolling mechanical parts (Sheaves, cables, rolls, etc.): 1 year
  • Hydraulic Hoses, Electrical Components: 1 year


  • Steel flat plates between rollers for better support
  • Additional winches and straps installed for container tie-down
  • Additional container stopper holes
  • Sainless steel fenders
  • Hydraulic tarping system
  • Air control on spool valve with quick coupler (to control from the cabin)
  • Remote control
  • Different paint colour
  • Aluminum rims (polished on the outside)
  • Tow hook welded to rear of trailer
  • Steel or aluminium toolbox 
  • Air pressure gauge at front of trailer
  • Air ride dump valve
  • Disc brakes
  • Available Top Skid and Inside-Outside rails
  • Etc.