Dead Pup Trailer

Model: CTPD

Dead Pup Trailer

The Chagnon Roll-Off Dead Pup Trailer is built around a 100,000 lb steel frame. This trailer has been fully designed, constructed, and tested for durability. Available in various configurations: double or triple axle or with diabolo. Optional: roll-off type cable lifting system → Live Pup Trailer.

Model: CTPD
Technical data

The Chagnon Roll-Off Dead Pup Trailer is the most reliable frame-type trailer in the industry.

Built around a 100,000 lb steel frame, this perfectly engineered trailer is rigorously tested and constructed to last.

Choose from many different form factors: single axle, double axle, triaxle or with diabolo.

All of these configurations are available with optional hydraulic roll-off tilt frame.

Technical data

A Distance between front and rear stoppers 306″
B Distance between removable front and rear stoppers 288″
C Overall height 141″
D Distance between fixed and removable stoppers 18″
E Towing ring height 25″
F Loading height 47″
G Distance between towing rear 1st axles 194″
H Distance between axles 72″
I Distance between axles 72″
J Distance between towing rear and centre axle 266′

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.


The trailer must be compliant with the AINSI Z-245.60 2008 safety standard and all safety labels must be written in the working language. It shall be manufactured with the highest quality standards and construction plans must be approved by an engineer member of an accredited board.


  • Frame length: 24′
  • Frame width: 102″
  • Tubular pole made of 3/8″ 100,000 lb. steel
  • 5 5-inch greasable side rollers
  • 4 pockets for moveable stoppers
  • 2 chain anchor rings
  • 2-speed Holland single landing gear
  • Manual drop valve
  • Drawbar


  • 77″ Track
  • 3 25,000 lb. axles (bearing & suspension)
  • 20’’ unimount 10-hole disk wheels for steel rims
  • ABS brakes 16 ½” x 7″ x 3/4″ with automatic clearance adjustment
  • White steel rims 22 ½’’ x 8 ¼’’ with tires 295/75R22.5 
  • TSE Tube 30 x 30


  • Hendrickson 25,000 lb. air suspension
  • Suspension lowering valve
  • 4’’ lubricated side rollers
  • Flat iron along the entire length
  • 2 fixed front container stoppers
  • 2 with added pockets + 2 removable back stoppers

Fenders and mud flaps:

  • Front fenders in checkered plate steel
  • Galvanized steel rear fenders
  • Rear trailer mud flaps

Electrical System:

  • Electrical system approved by FMWSS / CMVSS L.E.D.
  • All wiring is 100% waterproof
  • Lighting arrangement on the bumper
    • 2 back-up lights activated during reverse
    • 4 stop lights
    • 1 plate light
    • 3 stinger lights with MTC compliant side lights
    • 1 tailgate rear light


  • All light are LED
  • Robust safety holders
  • Fastener belt included in each container


  • Sandblasted and epoxy primed with 2 coats of urethane paint


  • Structural manufacturing defect: 3 years
  • Pumps, cylinders, or other hydraulic and electrical components: 2 years
  • Rolling mechanical parts (Sheaves, cables, rolls, etc.): 1 year
  • Hydraulic hoses, electrical components: 1 year


  • Additional winches installed with straps and hooks
  • Additional removable stopper pockets
  • Tarp crank system
  • 2 choices of paint colours
  • Aluminum rims  (polished on the outside)
  • Steel toolbox (24’’ x 36’’ x 18’’)
  • Aluminum toolbox (24’’ x 36’’ x 18’’)
  • Front trailer air pressure gauge
  • Etc.