Top skid roll-off

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Model: DRC-TS

Top skid roll-off

Our top skid roll-off system allows you to transport skid-equipped roll-off containers. Containers are loaded and unloaded without the help of side rollers, sliding directly on the hoist frame. Customize frame based on the chassis, to optimize the space and allow a better load transfer. Available in 22’, 24’ and 26’ lengths.

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Model: DRC-TS
Technical data

Our Top skid roll-off system is suitable for the most demanding jobs and compatible with most varieties of top skid or slide on outside rails containers (without lead in rollers).

Offers robust performance with options of 60,000 lb or 75,000 lb capacity and a 1″ hoist cable (6X26 – 106,000 lb.), it is designed for sturdiness and superior quality.

Available in 22’, 24’ and 26’ lengths, it is ideal for commercial, municipal and industrial use. Easy to operate and maintain, its assembly quality exceeds all industry standards (ANSI Z245.1, CSA W47.1, FMVSS/CMVSS, WASTEC, etc.).

Technical data

REF DRC-TS (75 000 lb / 60 000 lb) 22 ’ 24 ’ 26 ’
A Dumping angle 47° 47° 47°
B Hoist length 277″ 301″ 325″
C Clearance from the rear cabin to the last axle, including space for the tarping system (C.L.A.) 210″ 234″ 258″
D Clearance from the rear cabin to the last axle, excluding space for the tarping system (C.L.A.) 198″ 222″ 246″
E Spread 52″ 52″ 52″


* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.


The system must be compliant with the AINSI Z-245.60 2008 safety standard, all safety labels must be in the working language, and the system must be compatible with U-type cable containers. It shall be manufactured with the highest quality standards, construction plans must be approved by an engineer member of an accredited board.

Lifting system:

  • 75,000 lb. lifting capacity.
  • Available frame lengths: 22′, 24′ or 26′.
    • 22′: 210″ requested C.L.A. for air suspension (Including the necessary space for a tarping system) or 198″ (Excluding the necessary space for a tarping system).
    • 24′: 234″ requested C.L.A. for air suspension (Including the necessary space for a tarping system) or 222″ (Excluding the necessary space for a tarping system).
    • 26′: 258″ requested C.L.A. for air suspension (Including the necessary space for a tarping system) or 246″ (Excluding the necessary space for a tarping system).
  • Frame lifting tubes: 4″ x 14″ x 3/8″ tubing  (no subframe required).
  • Mobile carrier is robust and bolted for easy maintenance, and the carrier includes Nylatron wear skids: 5/8 ” x 2 1/2″ x 16 3/4″
  • 1″ hoist cable, 6 x 26 category, 106,000 lb. capacity with a Crosby hook or Gunnebo hook (manufacturer’s choice) to increased flexibility and strength.
  • Winch sheaves:
    • (1) 12″ Sheave with 2″ shaft
    • (1) 8″ Sheave with 2″ shaft
    • (1) 10″ Sheave with 2″ shaft
  • Welded wear plates on full length frame lifting tube: 3/8″ x 3″(first 8′ made of QT-100).
  • Rear ground roller between lifting tubes 6 5/8″ dia. x 26″ long . Bolted for easy maintenance.
  • 1 1/2″ Fixed front stopper.
  • 1″ removable stopper with sealed welded inserts (insert positions according to customer request), allowing various container lengths.
  • 2″ hinge shaft.
  • Steel safety post that supports the frame during maintenance on the driver’s side.

Hydraulic System:

  • 55 gallons tank (205 liters)
  • 10 micron filter installed in the tank with oil level and temperature indicator.
  • Distribution by double-action VD12 hydraulic valve
  • Lifting Cylinder (Side) 7 1/2″ bore
  • Winch Cylinder: 7 1/2″ bore
  • Control box inside the cab provides an ergonomic location and pneumatic controls on the hydraulic system
  • Outside cab manual hydraulic controls with a 36 GPM valve

Electrical System:

  • Electrical system approved by FMWSS / CMVSS L.E.D.
  • All wiring is 100% waterproof
  • Lighting arrangement on the bumper:
    • (2) L.E.D. back-up lights (1/side)
    • (4) L.E.D. stop lights (2/side)
    • (1) L.E.D. licence plate light
    • (1) L.E.D. three-way light with MTC compliance (mid-bumper)
    • (2) Side reflectors (1/side)


  • All lights are LED
  • Robust safety holders
  • Fastener belt included in each container


  • Black. Sandblasted, epoxy primed with two (2) coats of high quality polyurethane


  • Additional axles (Self-tacking or directional)
  • Scale system
  • Telescoping lift cylinder
  • Hydraulic Reserve Increase
  • Hydraulic bio-oil
  • Automatic lubricating system
  • Transmission or engine system programming
  • Tarp crank system
  • Stinger tail
  • Removable stoppers and sleeve inserts
  • 5 1/2″ side rollers
  • Wear plates on frame, full length 1/2″ x 3″
  • Additional ¾’’ quick plug-in valves (without tubing) for additional accessories
  • Skid-resistant fenders made of galvanized stainless steel or polyethylene for tandem axles
  • Additional support between rollers
  • Structural assembly to install a pup trailer hitch with a hydraulic connector or pup carrier
  • Pup trailer coupling. Complete installation (frame must be prepared accordingly)
  • Pneumatic lock
  • Assortiment of pumps and PTO for manual or automatic transmission
  • Crosby or Gunnabo hook
  • LED Work lights
  • Camera located behind the lifting system
  • Alarm (light/ sound) upon roll-off lifting
  • Aluminum or steel toolbox with support brackets
  • Auto-retract rear bumper
  • Rear stabilizer
  • Shovel and support bracket
  • Extinguisher and support bracket
  • Industrial broom with mounting bracket
  • Selection of colours (to be determined)
  • Extended warranty