Polyethylene recycling container

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Model: CPRL-R

Polyethylene recycling container

Uncover the durability of our premium front-load polyethylene recycling containers, tailored for remarkable resilience. Simplify your cardboard and paper recycling efforts with our smartly designed bins, capable of housing large disposables. Opt from three distinct models to elevate your eco-conscious waste management practices.

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Model: CPRL-R
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Front loading polyethylene recycling container 4v3 cprl-4000-r Front loading polyethylene recycling container 6v3 cprl-6000-r Front loading polyethylene recycling container 8v3 cprl-8000-r
Weight lb649 lb lb
Capacity4 yd36 yd38 yd3
Loading Height52"59"50" (sur façade)
Lids(1) 76 1/4" x 57 1/2"(1) 76 1/4" x 76 3/4"(2) 36" x 58"

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual sizes may vary.

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Discover our robust front-load recycling container, crafted from premium 100% virgin polyethylene. This resilient material provides outstanding durability under extreme conditions, withstanding impacts at temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F). It’s also engineered to resist chemicals and petroleum-based liquids.

Our recycling lid’s smart design easily accommodates cardboard and paper materials, encouraging you to flatten your cardboard to maximize recycling space. The half-moon compartment in the center is ideally made for holding large empty liquid containers. This ingenious one-piece lid design restricts access to unwanted waste.

Our container is available in three different sizes to meet your needs: 4, 6, and 8 cubic yards. Make an eco-friendly and practical choice for your waste management.

Technical data

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.



  • 3/8″ thick monolithic polyethylene, 100% virgin resin
  • Withstands impacts down to +/- 40°C (-40°F).
  • Watertight and easy to clean.
  • No painting required, does not rust.
  • Resists chemicals and petroleum-based liquids.
  • Nestable conical shape to maximize container quantity during transport.


  • 10 GA steel fork pockets.
  • 10 GA steel wear strips to protect the bottom from wear and abrasive surfaces.


  • Steel components covered with electrostatically baked paint.
  • UV stabilizer to preserve the original pigment of the polyethylene color.



Color choices for polyethylene containers:
Forest Green
Charcoal Grey
Light Green
Light Grey
Dark Blue
Recycling Blue
Light Red
Organic Brown
Dark Red
  • Steel front belt.
  • Lock opening for recycling and organic material lids.
  • 3/4″ tubular lock with lockable pivot.
  • Automatic locking mechanism.
  • Ring attached to the front belt for winch handling.
  • Towing pole and hook.
  • Permanent hot-stamped “mold-on” type lettering and logo after molding.
  • Lettering and logo on printed vinyl for attachment to the metal belt.
  • 1″ SEADOG type stretchable rubber drain plug for easy cleaning.
  • Screwed 1.5″ plastic drain plug and welded under the container.
  • UHMW lifting legs.
  • An assortment of casters and colors.

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