Semi-buried two-compartment container

Model: CSEF-8000-2C

Semi-buried two-compartment container

The URBIN CSEF-8000-2C is the most efficient dual-purpose semi-buried polyethylene container on the market! It features two equally divided compartments: one dedicated to waste, the other to recycling. Equipped with a sturdy latch mechanism, it effectively isolates each section during emptying. Its rust-proof design ensures long-lasting durability. A durable and aesthetic choice.

Model: CSEF-8000-2C
Technical data

The URBIN CSEF-8000-2C: 50% waste | 50% recycling

The most efficient dual-purpose semi-buried polyethylene container on the market! A durable and aesthetic choice.

The CSEF-8000-2C makes waste management more economical with its two separate compartments: one for waste, the other for recycling.

Front-loading collection is facilitated by a sturdy latch mechanism that isolates each compartment during emptying. It is ultra-durable, high-capacity, equipped with an ergonomic polyethylene lid and 1/4″ steel fork boxes. Its unique reinforced concrete insert makes it completely waterproof and very robust. It is made of 40 MPa concrete cast in one piece in the factory, allowing it to withstand all natural constraints. Total capacity of 6200 liters (2 X 4 cubic yards).

Key Features:

  • Two distinct 50/50 compartments: one for waste, the other for recycling
  • Remains odor-free
  • Easy to use for sorting and recycling
  • Regular front-loading emptying – no need for special equipment
  • Sturdy latch mechanism that isolates each compartment during emptying
  • Preformed monolithic 40 MPa concrete insert does not deform during soil freeze-thaw cycles, guides the container during emptying, and allows for quick installation
  • High resistance to weather and impacts
  • Will never rust
  • Quieter than a metal container
  • Easy and quick to install – everything comes pre-assembled from the factory
  • And more!

The semi-buried Urbin CSEF-8000-2C…

  • BLENDS WITH ALL DECORS: a wide selection of colors or custom coatings to suit any architectural style.

  • MAXIMIZES SPACE: 3 to 4 times the capacity of a surface container of the same ground area. The depth of the semi-buried container promotes the natural compaction of materials.

  • CONTROLS ODORS: Waste kept at a lower average temperature, reducing bacterial proliferation and, consequently, unpleasant odors.

Technical data

CAPACITY 6200 liters – 2 x 4 cubic yards
SERVICING Front-load
COMPOSITION High density roto-molded polyehtylene – double layered
OUTER COVERING solid and durable plastic planks (simulated wood finish)
PLANK COLOR Blue grey, cedar red, light grey, mouse grey or charcoal
BASE (1) Reinforced concrete base/sleeve -40 MPa
HEIGHT – above ground 52″
WIDTH – above ground 79″
EXCAVATION Yes – Excavation angle depends on soil type and condition (5)
FONDATION  (3) Footing (12″ MG-20b)
FILLER  (2) Class A – crushed stone, gravel or sand depending on availability – compacted in 12″ layers
  • Concrete insert guides container when being deposited back in place
  • Filler (crushed stone, gravel, sand)
  • Footing
  • Surface finish (paving stone, asphalt, gravel or grass installed to match or complement existing surface layer)
  • Excavation angle will vary depending on soil composition

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.



Overall insert dimensions: 85 5/8″ wide x 69 1/2″ deep x 78 3/8″ high

Reinforced Concrete:

  • 6″ thickness on the sides for increased lateral strength
  • 9″ thickness on the slab for superior stability
  • 6″ above-ground border for improved waterproofing
  • Weight: 15,000 lbs


Color choices for slats on Urbin semi-underground container:
Light Grey
Charcoal Grey
Cedar Red
Blue Grey