Crane load semi-buried container

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Model: CSEG

Crane load semi-buried container

Our crane-load semi-buried container combines durability and aesthetics. Designed for collection using a crane lift system, it remains the best-suited container for limited spaces. Ideal for businesses and industries, government buildings, parks, public areas, and residential complexes. Its coating of 100% virgin polyethylene ensures superior quality and longevity.

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Model: CSEG
Technical data

The URBIN Crane-Loading is a semi-buried (semi-underground) or surface container made of double-walled polyethylene, covered with wood-look plastic slats. Recovered materials are contained in a robust bag or an optional rigid container. The emptying is done using lifting equipment with an articulated arm or crane. A durable and aesthetic choice, ideal for businesses and industries, government buildings, parks and public places, residential complexes, and much more. Designed for crane lifting, it optimizes space, perfect for restricted areas. Moreover, its 100% virgin polyethylene coating ensures quality and durability.

Total capacity offered ranges from 800 to 5000 liters (1.25 to 6.5 cubic yards).

Characteristics :

  • 40 MPa concrete support slab
  • High resistance to soil displacement caused by the freezing and thawing
  • High weather and impact resistance
  • Double layered wall resistance to soil pressur up
    to 97 kpa.
  • Will never rust
  • Quieter than a steel container
  • Easy to handle heavy-duty bag
  • Ergenomic cover tested for 150 kg. loads<
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Urban’s design compliments all architectural
    and landscaping styles

Le conteneur semi-enfoui URBIN dédié à la cueillette de déchet par grue :

BLENDS WITH EVERY SCENERY: A wide range of colors or custom coatings will suit all architectural styles.

MAXIMIZE SPACE: More than twice the capacity of regular (above ground) containers taking up the same surface area. The container’s depth also encourages natural compaction through gravity.

ODOR CONTROL: Collected matter is maintained at a cooler temperature, reducing the growth of bacteria and therefore, unpleasant odors.

Technical data

Model CSE-800 CSE-1300 CSE-3000 CSE-5000
Capacity in yd3 (Liters) 1.25 yd3
(800 L)
2 yd3
(1300 L)
4 yd3
(3000 L)
6.5 yd3
(5000 L)
Width – embankment (a) 130″ 137″ 149″ 169″
Width – embankment to
concrete insert (b)
87″ 94½” 106½” 126½”
HEIGHT – above ground part (c) 42″ 42″ 42″ 42″
HEIGHT – underground part (c) 75″ 75″ 75″ 75″
WIDTH – above ground part (e) 24″ 30″ 42″ 59½”
WIDTH – concrete insert (f) 44″ 52″ 64″ 84″
COATING (1) Wood-like plastic slats, solid and durable
BACKFILL (2) Class A – crushed stone, gravel, or sand as available – compacted in 12″ layers
FOUNDATION (3) Level foundation (12″ MG-20b)
BASE (4) Load-bearing concrete slab with 40 MPa reinforcing steel
NECESSARY EXCAVATION (5) Yes – excavation angle varies based on soil conditions and composition

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.



  • Double-walled polyethylene container surrounded by an aluminum belt.
  • Sturdy polyethylene lid capable of supporting up to 500 lbs of load.
  • 100% virgin medium-density polyethylene.
  • Ergonomically designed user lid.
  • 17″ diameter opening.
  • Wood-imitation recycled plastic slats, solid and durable.
  • Slats colors: Blue-gray, cedar red, light gray, mouse gray, and charcoal black.
  • Load-bearing concrete slab with 40 MPa reinforcing steel.


  • Robust vinyl bag, easy to empty.
  • Unique quick-release and safe attachment system.
  • Pre-molded reinforced concrete base.


  • Recommendation: Addition of a French drain in the ground surrounding the concrete base.
  • Installation not included.


Color choices for slats on Urbin semi-underground container:
Light Grey
Charcoal Grey
Cedar Red
Blue Grey
  • Retention basin
  • Rigid tank
  • Small lid lock
  • Large lid lock
  • Clothing recycling chute
  • Removable lid
  • Molok bag replacement kit
  • Standard (double) bag replacement kit
  • Stickers (waste, recycling & organic)