Semi-buried container

Model: CSEF-8000-1C

Semi-buried container

The URBIN CSEF-8000-1C, heavy-duty and high-capacity (6200L), is a single-compartment semi-buried polyethylene container. This front-loading semi-inground container features a modern design with a wood finish in recycled plastic, ergonomic lid, and steel fork boxes. Perfect for businesses, parks, residential complexes. Economical, eco-friendly, sustainable and aesthetically advanced, the CSEF-8000-1C is the ideal solution.

Model: CSEF-8000-1C
Technical data

The URBIN CSEF-8000-1C is a heavy-duty, high-capacity, single-compartment semi-buried container made of polyethylene, boasting a volume of 6200 liters (8 cubic yards). It features a recycled plastic slat finish with a wood-like appearance, an ergonomic lid, and steel fork boxes. This model is also available in a dual-purpose version with two 4 cubic yard compartments (2 x 3100 liters each).

Sporting an urban look, this front-loading semi-buried container blends seamlessly with architectural and landscaping styles, surpassing traditional steel containers. A durable and aesthetic choice, it’s perfect for businesses and industries, government buildings, parks and public spaces, residential complexes, and more. Economical, eco-friendly, and aesthetically advanced, the CSEF-8000-1C is an exemplary solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Regular front-load servicing – no other special equipment required.
  • 40 MPa one-piece concrete base resists soil displacement caused by the freezing and thawing, guides container during servicing and allows extremely fast, drop-in installation.
  • High weather and impact resistance
  • Will never rust.
  • Quieter than steel container.
  • Easy and quick to install – everything comes pre-assembled from the factory.

The semi-buried Urbin…

  • BLENDS WITH ALL DECORS: a wide selection of colors or custom coatings to suit any architectural style.

  • MAXIMIZES SPACE: 3 to 4 times the capacity of a surface container of the same ground area. The depth of the semi-buried container promotes the natural compaction of materials.

  • CONTROLS ODORS: Waste kept at a lower average temperature, reducing bacterial proliferation and, consequently, unpleasant odors.

Technical data

CAPACITY 6200 liters – 8 cubic yards
SERVICING Front-load
COMPOSITION High density roto-molded polyehtylene – double layered
OUTER COVERING solid and durable plastic planks (simulated wood finish)
PLANK COLOR Blue grey, cedar red, light grey, mouse grey or charcoal
BASE (1) Reinforced concrete base/sleeve -40 MPa
HEIGHT – above ground 52″
WIDTH – above ground 79″
EXCAVATION Yes – Excavation angle depends on soil type and condition (5)
FONDATION  (3) Footing (12″ MG-20b)
FILLER  (2) Class A – crushed stone, gravel or sand depending on availability – compacted in 12″ layers
  • Concrete insert guides container when being deposited back in place
  • Filler (crushed stone, gravel, sand)
  • Footing
  • Surface finish (paving stone, asphalt, gravel or grass installed to match or complement existing surface layer)
  • Excavation angle will vary depending on soil composition

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.



Overall insert dimensions: 85 5/8″ wide x 69 1/2″ deep x 78 3/8″ high

Reinforced Concrete:

  • 6″ thickness on the sides for increased lateral strength
  • 9″ thickness on the slab for superior stability
  • 6″ above-ground border for improved waterproofing
  • Weight: 15,000 lbs


Color choices for slats on Urbin semi-underground container:
Light Grey
Charcoal Grey
Cedar Red
Blue Grey