Underground container

Model: CCE

Underground container

Maximize your space with our fully underground container, designed for waste collection with crane loading. The compact unit, discreetly visible on the surface, minimizes visual impact and blends with the environment. Choose from various unit sizes and options, including an electronic security system (access card) to control access to the container. Equipped with a concrete insert resistant to soil pressures, our container is ideal for efficient and discreet waste management.

Model: CCE
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Technical data

The URBIN CCE-5000 is a fully underground container that combines quality, durability, and low maintenance. It’s a sustainable and aesthetic choice, ideal for businesses and industries, government buildings, parks, public spaces, residential complexes, and more. The steel unit includes a robust concrete insert, resistant to soil pressures, ideal for discreet and efficient waste management.

Features and Capacity

Total capacity of 5000 liters (6.5 cubic yards) in the standard model, though various unit sizes are available.

Main Advantages:

  • Various sizes and customizations available,
  • Possibility of electronic access limitation,
  • Takes up the same surface space as a regular trash can,
  • Higher storage capacity (6.5 cubic yards),
  • Container depth leads to natural compaction,
  • Lower underground temperature reduces odors and pests,
  • Fewer and less frequent waste collections,
  • Reduced environmental impact,
  • Cost savings for municipalities,
  • Factory pre-assembled for quick installation.

The Benefits of the Underground Urbin Container…

An Architectural and Practical Choice

The fully underground URBIN container meets modern architectural demands while addressing growing concerns for responsible environmental and space management.

Space Optimization

Combining the practical and aesthetic on the surface with a robust concrete underground structure, the 5000 liter capacity container has a small size terminal, reducing its footprint and leaving more space for public services and landscaping. The depth of the buried container makes a natural compaction of the materials.

Aesthetics and Hygiene

With waste securely maintained at a lower average temperature, the fully underground URBIN container reduces bacterial proliferation and, consequently, unpleasant odors, improving hygiene in the surrounding area.

Durability and Superior Quality

Robust and highly reliable, the fully underground URBIN container helps reduce operational, maintenance, and replacement costs due to fewer collections and a lifespan of over 25 years.

Customization and Adaptability

Various models and colors of units are available, depending on the needs and types of collections. It’s also possible to customize the exterior part with a logo, design, or specific message.

Technical data

* The parameters and dimensions given above are for guidance only. Actual dimensions may differ.